The Principles of Personal Data Protection GDPR

I. Basic regulation

  1. You provide your personal data to the firm „P-sport Rokytnice s.r.o.“ ( Your personal data is protected against the unauthorized use. There is an explanation how we use your personal data.
  2. P-sport Rokytnice s.r.o., IČO: 09129430, DIČ: CZ09129430 the place of business Dolní Rokytnice 3, Rokytnice nad Jizerou 512 44 (hereinafter: „administrator“) is the administrator of the personal data according to Article 4, point 7 European Parliament and Council of the European Union Regulation 2016/679 – Regulation on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (hereinafter: GDPR).
  3. Contact of the administrator
    address: Dolní Rokytnice 3, Rokytnice nad Jizerou 512 44
    email: Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.
    phone: +420 603 157 884
  4. Personal data is understood all information about the identified or identifiable natural person; the identifiable natural person is the natural person who is possible to identify directly or indirectly, particularly with reference to the specific subject, for instance name, company registration number, local data, net subject or one or two specific features of the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of the natural person.
  5. These conditions of the Personal Data Protection are related to all customers, suppliers and administrator´s customers and to anybody else that contacts the administrator or sends some information in other way. It is thought all people who use the administrator´s services or provide some services for him/her, subcontracts or they are in other contract formation with the company.
  6. The administrator did not appoint a representative for personal data protection.

II. Sources and categories of the processed personal data

  1. The administrator processes personal data which

    a) you provided particularly at these occasions:
    • during concluding the agreement between you and our company (filling in the ordering form, service report or lease agreements or other agreements);
    • during the realization of the order;
    • if you contact the administrator and demand or offer your service and goods delivery.

    b) you got from other sources particularly at these occasions:
    • publicly available sources including public registers and the Internet if the administrator needs such information necessarily for example for properly making out accounts document or at similar occasions;
    • from our camera recordings located in the place of business;
    • information about the visits on our websites thanks to cookies if you allowed the information processing on your device;
    • information which the administrator received from the third parties for example from your family members, employers, fellow workers or business partners and which we need for the realization of the order necessarily.
  2. The administrator can combine the gathering information from these sources with other information which he has at his disposal.

If you do not agree with the usage of your personal data in compliance with personal data protection regulations, do not transfer your personal data through the websites.

III. Your personal data

Information we ask for can include:

  1. Name / Surname
  2. Permanent address, town (city), postcode / correspondence address
  3. E-mail address
  4. Mobile phone number, or working telephone number
  5. Password for communication
  6. Mode of payment or bank connection
  7. Other information relevant to your identification
  8. Information provided in a field „free text“ on the website (i.e. empty fields where you can insert your comments arbitrarily)

This list is not comprehensive and it can be updated.

IV. Purpose of processing personal data

  1. The administrator uses the gathered data for these purposes:

    a) Property protection and protection of the third parties’ rights
    We are interested in protecting our property as well as that of the third parties. The premises of the administrator’s workshop secured with a camera system.
    If you come to visit us at our workshop and any safety incident occurs, we can process the camera system record for with purpose of protecting the property and the third parties’ rights. We use your data exclusively for those purposes and we do not process them further.

    b) Contract closure, change and termination
    We use data for the preparation of the contract documentation, change or termination.
    For this purpose, we necessarily need your personal data to comply legal requirements for the closure, change and termination of the contractual relationship.

    c) Addressing for cooperation
    We use data after using services and products from other suppliers. We consider that we do not interfere your privacy by doing so. Nevertheless, if you are bothered by this please let us know as soon as possible. You can use all of the administrator’s contacts.

    d) Commercial activity
    We use data for the actual order implementation and registration and for communication with customers, subscribers and suppliers. For this purpose, we necessarily need your personal data to implement the order and complete all our contract obligations.
    We can also contact you via SMS, so we can remind you of fulfilling your closed contractual obligations with the administrator, e.g. the upcoming date for returning sports equipment. We assume that we do not interfere your privacy by doing so but if you are bothered by this please let us know. You can use all of the administrator’s contacts.
    The administrator finds out your satisfaction with the purchase via e-mail questionnaires within the Heureka – verified by customers or, a.s – Zboží.cz – shop review programs; we transmit information about the purchased goods and your e-mail address for these purposes.

    e) Bookkeeping
    We use data for issuing invoices and bookkeeping. We necessarily need your personal data for this purpose, so we can comply with legal obligations for bookkeeping.

    f) Marketing
    We use personal data for the purpose of sending commercial communications, if you gave us voluntary agreement, for the duration of five years or if we are in a contractual relationship for that we reasonably assume that as the administrator’s customers you have interest in information and news. Nevertheless, if you are bothered by this please let us know as soon as possible. You can use all of the administrator’s contacts. Furthermore, we use the functions of Google Inc. (“Google”) for remarketing on our website. Remarketing helps address the user that has visited our website before. Based on the sections of the website they have visited, we can show adapted advertisements to these customers. Our advertisements can be shown when you browse other websites within Google’s content network or when you search concepts on Google that have a connection with our products. Google uses so called cookies for the analysis of website usage that create the basis for advertisement development. For this purpose, Google will save a small file containing a sequence of numbers in the website visitors’ browsers. The amount of website visits, as well as anonymized data of the website visitors, are recorded in the file. Personal data of the visitors are not saved. If afterwards you visit other websites in Google’s advertisement network, advertisements that take the high probability of previously viewed goods and information areas into account. We will process your personal data for a maximum of thirty days for these purposes. You can permanently deactivate the usage of cookies by Google with the link below and downloading and installing plug-in here:

    g) New employee recruitment
    If you send us your CV, we will use your data for casting new work positions. We will process for the period of the selection process unless you give us permission to save your data for another two years in the case of a new open position in the future.

    h) Legal proceedings and defence of legal claims

  2. We can use gathered data for investigating or dealing with disputes or legal claims that relate with the commercial cooperation with the administrator or in other cases allowed by valid laws.

V. Time of data storage

  1. If not mentioned in the specific cases otherwise, the administrator saves your personal data for the entire duration of the contractual relationship and standardly another (10) years after its completion, unless there are different legal archiving time periods determined. The administrator will delete or anonymize your data immediately after (excluding further mentioned cases).
  2. The administrator will delete the data after the personal data preservation time expires.
  3. If the law allows so, the administrator can save some data after the preservation time in these cases:
    a) if the administrator is dealing with a problem such as an unresolved dispute or a legal claim with you;
    b) if the law requires it from us or if we preserve this data in an aggregated or anonymous form;
    c) if the administrator needs this data for legitimate commercial purposes.

VI. Personal data recipients

  1. The administrator can share your personal data:

    a) With our commercial partners
    The administrator can provide data to his co-workers, suppliers, consultants, software providers, advisers and other service providers or commercial partners. The administrator provides information to the sites, so they can e.g. provide services or deliver goods during the realization of your order that the administrator is not capable of doing themselves.
    To partners responsible for reclamations
    To payment gateway providers (payment card providers)
    To our commercial partners, especially Heureka Shopping s.r.o. and Seznam, a.s
    To the transporters that are responsible for the delivery of the goods that you ordered
    We would like to assure you that all of the administrator’s commercial partners are bounded by duty of confidentiality and observe valid law regulations in the area of personal data protection

    b) For legal reasons or in the case of a dispute
    The administrator will share your data if it is required by law, regulations, operating contracts, legal procedures or state office:
    • With the police, state offices or other third parties if it is necessary for the enforcement of our legal claims or if it is necessary for the protection of the administrator’s or third parties’ rights or property or possibly during providing services or commercial cooperation with the administrator any disputes happen
    • With other parties with the potential merging of companies, property sale, consolidation or restructuring, financing or transition of the administrator or its parts into the ownership of another company.

    c) With your permission
    The administrator can share your data in other ways if they alert you and you agree with it.
  2. All your personal data are processed in the EU.

VII. Where we save your personal data

Your personal data, which we acquired through websites which are directed to one or more IT systems. They are saved and used here for e.g. processing your request about information so that your question can receive a proper answer and information about our products for the purpose of closing contracts (receiving and settling your product order).

Your personal data can be saved on our secured servers and IT systems in the Czech Republic. By providing your personal data with this transmit, storage or processing, you are expressing agreement. For securing safe processing of your data consistent with these principles about personal data, we use all possible necessary measures.

You agree that your personal data provided by you will be automatically systematically managed by automatic and all other tools of the information system.

VIII. Your rights

Within the context of processing your personal data you have these rights:

a) Access to your data
You can turn to use at any time with the request for information about whether we process your personal data and if so request detailed information about it. You can use any of the administrator’s contacts for this.

b) Change of your data or mistake in the data
If during the contract relationship with the administrator of your personal data changes, for example your name, residence, e-mail address or phone number or if you find out that we are working with your not up to date or incorrect data, please let us know as soon as possible. You can use any of the administrator’s contacts for this.

c) Processing limitations
If it seems to you that:

  • we are processing your inaccurate date,
  • processing your data is illegal and you do not wish to delete all data,
  • we do not need your data any more for the above-mentioned purposes, but you would like to use them for the defence of your legal claims e.g. in a court case,
  • our messages bother you though we assumed they could interest you,
  • you can ask us for processing limitations of some of your personal data or usage only for certain purposes.

d) Data portability
You can always turn to us to hand over your data that we have available to a third party according to your specification.

e) Personal data processing agreement withdrawal
If the processing of your personal data based on your agreement, you can withdraw it at any time. You can use any of the administrator’s contacts for this and if it is about the agreement of sending news via e-mail, you can unsubscribe with the help of the instructions included in every e-mail.

f) Complaining at the Office for Personal Data Protection
If it seems to you that we are using your data in contradiction with the law, you can always turn to the Office for Personal Data Protection, Pplk. Sochora 27, PSČ 170 00, Praha 7,

IX. Links to other websites

Our website can contain links to other interesting websites. If you use such a link and leave our website you should realise that we have no control over these websites. We cannot therefore be responsible for the protection and privacy of any information that you provide during the visit of such sites and these principles about data protection do not apply to such sites. You should be careful and find the declaration of personal data protection for the given website.

X. Cookies

  1. Does this page use cookies and what do they represent?
    We have the possibility of gathering information about cookies on the user’s end device and other similar technology, such as the browser local data storage or help.
    Cookies are short text files that the browser saves on the user’s end device. Cookies often contain an anonymous unique identifier that lets us determine and count the browsers that visit our page. Cookies also allow us to collect information about how and when services are used: e.g. which page the user got to our services from, when and what the user looks at on our website, which browser they are using, what the screen resolution, what the operating system is and what the terminal IP address and serial number is. Cookies also let the user not enter their username, password and other adaptations each time. Cookies themselves are not in the net but in the user’s terminal assigned by the loaded website. Only the server which sent the cookies can later read them. Cookies and similar technology do not damage the user’s terminal nor their files and cannot be used for running programs or spreading viruses. Users cannot be identified only by cookies or other technology and our website cannot know for example the user’s e-mail address without them telling us. With law regulation for privacy protection and personal data protection policy considered, information obtained from cookies or other similar technology can be combined with other potential information gained from the user another way.
  2. Why are cookies used?
    Cookies and similar technology are used for analysis and our services’ further development, so we can provide better services to our users. We use cookies and similar technology for finding out the number of visitors and statistical monitoring for measuring advertisement efficiency. E.g. with marketing e-mails and leaflets, we can figure out which messages were opened and on that basis we can watch e.g. the shift from an internet shop. For improving the usability of our website, we conduct short term studies in which we can include data for the user’s mouse movement and specific website visits.

XI. What is the gained information for?

  1. Ensuring the most effective way of presenting our website for you
  2. Ensuring contract fulfilment
  3. Internal record keeping
  4. Providing information, products or services according to your demand and providing information and services that we assume could interest you, including the circulation of marketing material using the e-mail address the user provided
  5. Occasional contact with you for market research
  6. Sending direct marketing electronically (via e-mail or text) about products and services
  7. Informing about the change of our services
  8. Managing and processing your purchase through the e-shop. We use your personal details to send you your ordered goods, inform you about the state of your order or to handle the applied right of withdrawal from the closed purchase contract or your complaint about the goods.
  9. Managing and processing for creating a personal profile within our website
  10. Sending different commercial communications and newsletters so we can inform you about the newest sales, recent updates, new goods, promotional events and other related information
  11. Answering your question sent via contact details or on the basis of contacting via telephone customer service
  12. Improving the quality of our services and the development of new ones
  13. Analysing your preferences and showing content that matches your individual needs
  14. Recovering claims and applying our rights (e.g. for a court case involving our services) and running accounting records and fulfilling our other legal obligations

XII. Direct marketing

With every file of your personal information we mutually clarify if your data can be used for direct marketing. We will simultaneously ask for its subscription or we will allow you to unsubscribe.

We will contact you electronically (by e-mail) or by telephone about the information that you requested and about the information of a similar subject that was mentioned in your request or was the subject of your purchase. If you wish for us not to use your details in this manner, you can decide to not check out the relevant box in the form in which we collect your personal details.

Whenever you will be called to fill in the form on the website you can leave the relevant box unchecked if you do not agree. We can show a simple way to refuse other direct marketing electronically (by e-mail or telephone) in direct marketing.

XIII. Conditions for securing personal details

  1. The administrator claims that they received all appropriate technical and administrative measures for securing personal details.
  2. The administrator received technical measures for securing data storages and personal detail storages in written form.
  3. The administrator claims that only people authorized by him have access to personal details.
  4. We oblige to ensure safety of your data. To avoid unauthorised access to them or their unauthorised publication, we introduced appropriate physical, electronical and managerial procedures for the protection of the information that we collect on our website. We agree that the information that you provide us with will be managed systematically and with the help of automatic or manual means. Any information that you provide us with are saved on our secured servers and/or the secured servers of the website operator.

These conditions become effective beginning with day 1. 7. 2020.