General terms and conditions of the rent sport equipment

This wording of General terms and conditions of the rent sport equipment is part and parcel of the Sport equipment lease agreement concluded between the companies P-sport Rokytnice s.r.o., the place of business Dolní Rokytnice 3, Rokytnice nad Jizerou, postcode 51244, company registration number: 09129430 (hereinafter „lessor“) and tenant, identified in the heading of the Sport equipment lease agreement (hereinafter „contract of lease“).

  1. Sport equipment written in the contract of lease (hereinafter „equipment“) is the subject of the hire in accordance with the contract of lease. The lessor declares that this equipment is competend to usual usage.
  2. The lease agreement is concluded for a certain time negotiated by the lease agreement. If the tenant doesn’t return equipment to the lessor by the last day of the agreed duration of the lease, the contracting parties have agreed that in this case the length of the lease duration changes to an uncertain time where each contracting party is authorized to terminate the lease agreement at any time even without stating a reason. The lease agreement ends with the day of the delivery of the dismissal to the other contracting party. The tenant returning the equipment to the lessor also counts as dismissal. If because of the reason mentioned the agreement changes to an uncertain time the tenant is obliged to pay the lessor rent from the first day of this change negotiated for this case by the lease agreement. If the tenant returns the equipment before the negotiated end of time of rent the already paid for shall not be returned. The tenant is obliged to return the equipment in the establishment of the lessor as mentioned in the header of the lease agreement.
  3. For renting the equipment the tenant is obliged to defray rent to the lessor according to the appropriate lessor’s pricelist valid during the day of the closure of the lease agreement. The lease day starts at 15:30 of the previous day or at 8:30 of the day of the lease. The lease ends at 17:30 of the lease day.
  4. The tenant shall defray the overall rent, mentioned in the lease agreement, to the lessor beforehand during the closure of the lease agreement.
  5. The tenant is obliged to use the equipment only for the purpose that the producer determined them to.
  6. The tenant is obliged to enable the use of the leased equipment by the third parties, but in which case is responsible for compliance of all appropriate safety and other regulations valid in the area in which the equipment will be used.
  7. The tenant is obliged to adapt the usage of the leased equipment to their own abilities, local conditions and the weather in the area of the usage. If the tenant leases the equipment for an underage person to use, then the obligation for the underage person applies to the tenant mentioned in this paragraph.
  8. The tenant is held responsible created at the leased equipment. Shall the tenant lose the equipment, or have it stolen, they are obliged to defray the residual value of the equipment to the lessor, where the value is determined by the lessor.
  9. The tenant is obliged to announce the change of address, their company’s headquarters or other changes that could influence proper fulfilment commitments resulting from the lease agreement to the lessor.
  10. The tenant is not authorized to make any changes or adjustments to the leased equipment.
  11. The tenant is not authorized to sublet leased equipment.
  12. Violating any of the above mentioned obligations is considered substantial breach of the lease agreement.
  13. The tenant confirms with his signature or with the lease agreement confirms that:
  • They took over the equipment in a state for usual usage and has been informed of the manner of using the equipment. They understand that if delay the return of the leased equipment to the lessor, the lessor is authorized to report the equipment as lost or stolen to the police or file a lawsuit for the release of the equipment at a competent court and the tenant carries the consequences that can emerge from such a situation;
  • is aware that safety binding of skis lowers the odds of an injury but cannot completely avoid it; is aware that the lessor adjusting the safety binding of the skis according to the information of the tenor’s height, weight, age, foot length and skiing ability that the tenor gave to the lessor and giving the incorrect information can negatively influence the proper functioning of the safety binding;
  • is aware that if while the lease agreement’s duration the information according to which the lessor adjusted the safety binding of the leased skis changes (if the tenor’s height, weight, age, foot length or skiing ability changes), that for proper safety binding functioning, new adjustments are necessary;
  • grants the lessor the permission to collect a process personal information mentioned in the lease agreement for the lessor’s own commercial and marketing purposes according to act no. 101/2000 coll. about the protection of personal information as amended;
  • all information provided for the purpose of closing the lease agreement are true;
  • assumed these commercial conditions of leasing sports equipment as an integral part of the lease agreement and agrees to these conditions unexceptionally.
  1. In cases which are not explicitly modified by the lease agreement or these conditions, the lease relation follows relevant provisions of valid legislations of the Czech Republic.


In Rokytnice nad Jizerou 1st July 2020

P-sport Rokytnice s.r.o.